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It is not uncommon after putting together a portfolio for commercial print clients that they book a job right off their new zed card.

Clients have to say ::

Maria- these are the most beautiful photos I've ever seen of myself ever-ever-ever ! I'm not kidding- I fell in love with myself ! I've always hid my portfolio from the other models, I didn't want them to see my book because I was never proud of my book. For the first time I will have a portfolio that I'm proud of and am confident to share! Im so proud of these shots, I literally want everyone to look at my new book! I was comparing my new photos of your work, with my old portfolio and even the so called ď rejectsĒ from  your shoot are a zillion times better than anything Iíve ever shot! Ive never had so many choices of great shots to choose from! There are so many!! I canít wait to show these to my agents- I'm so excited- THANK YOU, THANK YOU!    Roxanne Jovin


I totally love my commercial headshots, everybody loves them!!I canít believe it!! I'm having auditions daily!!! I'm going crazy...A great crazy mind you; I'm not complaining. I know the more you get out there the more you get seen- I canít believe I'm having these opportunities! Thank you. Thank you!! The place I get my 8x10s reproduced asked me who shot them. They weren't surprised when i said you did. Just a testament of your fine work again!! I know were set next week to shoot some stuff for my zed card, but I'm on avail. for a commercial NOW!!! What a great problem to have. I'm lov'n it! I'll be calling you! Thanks again Maria!  Linda La fever


Maria, not only are you the best photographer i know of, but the most creative fashion designer, the best make-up artist and an amazing woman... Thank you for the beautiful photos of both my pregnancies and the amazing shots of Jason after his birth. They are GORGEOUS! And what beautiful memories for all of us...    Karine Grieder


Maria made me look HOT!! What a GREAT person to work with! She makes you feel beautiful and special and all warm and fuzzy inside - and you will take the best pictures of your life with her. No concern as to rushing you through, it's all about you, and it takes whatever time it takes for you to look PERFECT! Thanks, Maria!!    Halle Eavelyn


Maria's work gets noticed! She's done my past 3 headshots over the years, and the agents I work with always ask: "Who did these? They're fabulous!" She brings a humanity and warmth to the shooting session which I haven't found in any other photographer (which helps create that "eye connection thing" that everyone's looking for). Plus her attention to image (hair and make-up) from her professional experience in that field really brought out my best features. Can't thank you enough, Maria!    Heather Gornall


Contact Maria ::

Maria Photography Studios
Shooting LA . Maui . New York

PH: 323.243.5500 


To my actors and modeling clients, industry friends and associates, this is the PRE-LAUNCH phase of my website I welcome your testimonials to include as site content. Many of you have called me to let me know of all the great work you are getting, I am delighted. If you can just enter your excitement in the comment form below, I will be most grateful. You guys are just too awesome!

Peace and Blessings.....





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